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Step 1 – Decide on your venue. Make it at home or close to home so all your guests can walk, scooter, bike or come by bus! The local park is a great choice! We decided to throw our Earth Day party this year at Josie’s preschool.

Step 2 – Send out your invitations! We illustrated our invitations with Earth mosaics; first grab old magazines, pick pages with lots of green and blue on them, tear them into tiny pieces then glue them onto your globe. We then scanned our art and emailed our invites out!

Earth Day party invite.

Invitation to an Earth Day party

Step 3 – Choose presents! When I asked my two what makes a good party they both said straight away–presents! So we asked everyone to bring a present–to pick a toy out of your own collection that you are bored with and don’t play with anymore. You can either swap gifts amongst the children like we did at preschool, or even better, donate the toys to a charity that helps struggling families.

Step 4 – Wrap your presents! Old paintings and art work make great gift wrap! Or else, you can recycle old newspapers and tie with a bright piece of wool – that looks great too!

Splatter painting.

The backs of used flip-charts from work are perfect for splatter painting...


... and the resulting paintings make awesome gift wrap!

Step 5 – Decorate! Newspaper also comes in really handy to make paper chains for decorations, and the wonderful Earth mosaics that we made in step 1 look great on the wall.

Step 6 – Make the party feast! Source local food, organic fruits and veges for party food and make your own baked treats rather than buying lots of sugar-fuelled convenience food. In fact getting everyone to help prepare the food can be part of the party fun – make pizza dough and put out a choice of toppings! Instead of disposable plates and cups, put all your food on big platters for sharing.

Gingerbread kiwi biscuits.

Gingerbread kiwis - homemade and hand-decorated with icing and jelly crystals

Step 7 – Games and fun at an Earth Day party is about doing something nice for the Earth! If you are at the park why not do rubbish scavengers hunt?  If at home make a poster about Earth Day out of recycled materials to put up at school. At our preschool party we plan to take our wrapping paper, make paper porridge and turn it into completely new paper!


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